Before this teacher retired, she obliterated the dance floor with Uptown Funk

Shirley Clements is gon’ give you that Uptown Funk.

In the most badass retirement celebration EVER, Shirley, a 60-year-old dance teacher at Panorama Ridge Secondary School in Surrey, B.C., rocked a choreographed performance of Mark Ronson’s famous beats. And then she broke the Internet.

The performance actually took place back in January and was a part of “Outbreak,” a dance competition created by Shirley almost two decades ago, according to CTVNews. Every year, she participates in the student dance showdown, so she wanted her last stint before retirement to be extra special. Now, over 2 million hits later, (thanks to a repost on Ellen’s video page), Shirley’s getting a true send-off from the Internet.

So what’s the big deal? Well, there’s the amazing Shirley, decked out in a red, glittery warm-up jacket and track pants, kicking off the performance with a rap. She also dances PERFECTLY surrounded by a crowd of her students and throws in some classic moves (including Gangnam style). . .

. . .and even SPINS ON HER HEAD.

This clip honestly makes us tear up a little bit, because it’s so obvious that Shirley has such a wonderful relationship with her students and is truly loved and adored by the school. (I mean, you’ve got to hear that thunderous applause!) And her students know how to dance like nobody’s business, so clearly, she’s an amazing teacher.

Also, we know you retired, Shirley, but can you PLEASE give us some dance lessons? We’re totally blown away by these sweet moves!

Check out the full video below, and be prepared to have Uptown Funk stuck in your head until the end of time.

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