This teacher gave his students a hilariously fake spelling test as an early April Fool’s prank

Since it comes around every year, we don’t have to tell you all to beware of April Fool’s Day pranksters. They come when you least expect it, and they’re striking early this year like this teacher who pranked his students with a fake spelling test. On March 29. Which is not EVEN the first day of April, but we’re rolling with it because it was pretty friggin’ hilarious.

As Elite Daily reports, the wonky spelling test Michigan teacher Joey Dombrowski gave his fourth grade class was intentionally full of delightful words that have no English equivalent. Furthermore, they have no Earthling equivalent, a fact that was completely lost on his defeated students, who can be heard groaning in the background of the video that shows their teacher reviewing the “correct” spellings of each word they’d obviously all gotten wrong.

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We get it, kiddos. Realizing you failed miserably when you thought you excelled at something is the worst feeling ever. And although he didn’t intend to, we’re sure your teacher’s trickery probably put a huge dent in your spelling confidence.

But if it makes you feel better, there’s no way in hell we would’ve come anywhere close to accurately spelling Dombrowski’s made-up words like “blorksee,” which is apparently something you lose at a carnival (and also something we will proceed to use as a real word because it honestly sounds kinda cool).

Dombrowski shared the aftermath of his phony test on Facebook, and with over 9 million views and counting, there are a TON of people laughing at, er, with his clueless students.

LOL. All we have to say to this prank-pulling teacher is watch out because payback is surely headed your way.