Whoa! This teacher actually broke the law to try to stop students from using their cell phones in class.

A lot of schools struggle with finding ways to get teens to stop using cell phones in class. Whether students are using them for legitimate reasons (like as a calculator or to Google something) or for playing around (tweeting and Instagraming), teachers and administrators alike are trying to keep cell phones out of sight during class hours. But one teacher at Florida’s Fivay High School went a little too far in trying to keep kids off their phones, and broke federal law by using a cell phone jammer.

A jammer blocks cell phone towers, making cell phones little more than glorified paper weights. While that might sound like a great way to get kids off of them in class, it impacted residents for two miles around the school. What’s more, the Federal Communications Commission has banned the use of jammers, and parents were not happy knowing their kids wouldn’t have been able to contact them in an emergency. The problem was discovered by Verizon, who let the school know what was going on.

Dean Liptak, who teaches science, wasn’t aware that jammers were illegal, and made a statement that he was “only trying to get students to focus on the lesson and not on their phones.” He’s been suspended for five days without pay, although he won’t be charged with any crime.

We get that cell phones in class can be distracting (and at worst, disrespectful), but jammers are definitely not the way to go!

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