This teacher just posted a perfect Adele parody all about snow days

As much of the East Coast is being slammed with a hefty blizzard, we have to think that Mary Morris is probably pretty sad that Saturdays aren’t school days.

Morris, who teaches at Rush Strong Elementary School in Strawberry Plains, Tennessee, created one of the most hilarious parodies of Adele’s “Hello” video out there. (Though we still have a soft spot in our hearts for the brilliant, Thanksgiving-themed SNL sketch.)

In the song, Morris prays for a snow day, which would allow her to “stay in bed, watch Netflix all day,” she sings, before taking it further: “I can even spend it in my PJs/ if I want.”

The video features Morris in a fur coat with a flip phone, as in Adele’s video. However, there are also some great, teacher-specific touches, such as classroom signs saying “indoor voices” and “no voices,” and Morris crumpling against the windowed classroom door as though heartbroken at the lack of snow days.

The teacher who, we must say, also sounds great — few people can pull off singing Adele, you know — also came up with a fabulous chorus: “If it’s gotta be so cold,” she sings, “The least that it can do is snow/ If I have to keep my students inside/ one more time for recess, gonna lose my mind.”

According to The Daily News, Morris first recorded her parody song, aptly titled, “Snow,” on a cell phone and shared that video online. However, it surpassed 50,000 views, and the teacher decided to go all out with a full-length, sepia-toned spoof of Adele’s video.

Said Morris to local NBC affiliate WBIR-TV, “I was just blown away by what a big deal this is. It’s exciting, but it’s nerve-wracking at the same time, just to have so many people watching it and knowing about it and talking about it.”

Morris is getting lots of positive feedback (duh, the video is hilarious); she’s also hearing from lots of sympathetic teachers, as well. In any case, we know we’ll be singing “Snow,” for the rest of the winter season, at least.

(Image via YouTube)

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