For tea lovers, a subscription tea service might be everything you’ve dreamed of

When it comes to beverages, do you reach for a warm cup of tea before anything else? Do you prefer Chamomile to Colombian Roast? Is your tea habit SO intense that you’ve received multiple tea bag organizers for your birthday? If you’ve answered yes to all three of these questions, it might be time to get serious with a tea subscription.

Teabox is a subscription service that delivers hand-picked, high-quality brews to tea lovers each month. They have 200-300 varieties of tea such as, Himalayan Silver Needle Spring White Tea, Castleton Muscatel Summer Black Tea, and Assam Masala Chai. Don’t these all sound DELISH?!


Subscriptions start at $19.99 per month, offering more extensive plans for super passionate tea drinkers. There are also no commitments, so you can pause or cancel a subscription at any time. If you decide to sign up, it might be a good idea to throw a tea party for your friends! Mini cucumber sandwiches, anyone?

Teabox, $19.99 to $39.99

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