#Tea, It’s Not That Thing You’re Sippin On

T or Tea is slang for gossip, situation, story or news. You can give Tea, get Tea or spill Tea.

I love this word. When I first heard “Tea” used as slang, I pictured the letter “T” (for talk or truth), but according to the Urban Dictionary, this slang term comes from “the custom in the South of women who gather in the afternoon to drink tea and gossip.”

Tea is primarily used to describe gossip or refers to some juicy information.

Instead of saying, “What is the new drama today?”, you can simply say, “Girl, what’s the tea?

If you see a friend and it looks like something is bothering them, you can say “What’s your tea?” and that shows your concern for their well-being as well as your interest in hearing the details.

If you want to talk about someone or a situation and make sure the person you are speaking with knows you are not gossiping in any way you can say “no tea” either before or after your statement. “No tea, but I saw Chrissa with Rebecca in front of Club Pacha.”

So this week, sip some tea with your friends and try not to spill ?

*Image courtesy my spirit animal KidFury