This childhood photo of Taylor Swift just made our #tbt complete

Thursday is my favorite day of the week. Why, you may ask? Well, because it seems to be the best day to get throwback photos of our favorite stars. And this week, Taylor Swift hands-down won #TBT.

A friend from T-Swift’s childhood, Dan Hauk, past tweeted out an old photo that is pure adorable.

Dan confirmed that he was the the boy in the photo with Swift, and that it was in fact, Taylor that he was holding with the affection that only a middle school child can feign.

It looks as though Taylor had musical interests from a very young age, as here is Taylor and the boy who tweeted the photo in an elementary production of Bye, Bye, Birdie.

We thought that Taylor had won on her birthday four days ago with this amazing Throwback (Not Thursday) Post.

And while this Insta encapsulates all the earnestness and enthusiasm that Swift is known for, this new Bye, Bye, Birdie throwback miiiiight just have just bumped it from first place.

Taylor, you may be lighting up stages all over the globe, but I’m pretty sure we all would kill for a chance to see you reprise the leading role of Kim McAfee.