#TBT: Young Sofia Coppola as a gymnast is the music video you need to watch today

Often, after too many days spent scanning through sad news stories, soul-rottening comment threads, and pictures of tragically-skinny polar bears, the internet feels like a place that just taketh, and not giveth anything but bad vibes. But then something crops up, a link is linked in a feed or a place where you are randomly surfing and you click it and, instead of making you feel gross and cheated, you feel elation. And you watch the thing and it is good, it is a discovery of something someone created with their heart and it connects to you in a way that feels fully human and alive. And this thing makes you happy…well, for at least a little while because it’s the internet, folks, and it’s all so fleeting anyway.

Today that thing is the video for The Chemical Brothers song “Elektrobank.” It’s from 1997. It was directed by Spike Jonze and it stars his future wife (and, sadly, future ex-wife) director Sofia Coppola as a high-school gymnast in the middle of a heavy-duty competition. It is also exuberant and beautiful and empowering and great.

Watch it now, feel better. Happy Thursday.