The ultimate guide to #TBT Halloween costumes

Every year, we find ourselves planning our Halloween costumes embarrassingly far in advance. Everyone loves to play dress-up; and it’s no secret that Halloween is one of our favorite holidays of the year. When the options are endless, however, it can be hard to narrow down what brilliant costume to pick. But fear not, Gigglers: We’re here to help.

We’re teaming up with Savers to bring you a few of the best #TBT costumes ever — all of which are super easy to put together with the help of a secondhand store. As if that weren’t already amazing enough, Savers is also hosting its annual costume contest — and you could win some pretty amazing prizes if you enter.

The Value Village/Savers Halloween Costume Contest aims to spotlight the most creative, unique, and all-around awesome costumes out there. One lucky winner will win a grand prize pack worth $1,000, and runners-up will have the opportunity to win other prizes, too. To enter, upload your Halloween costume photos to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #thriftortreatcontest, or enter via the Savers or Value Village websites. You can submit now through November 3rd — and no purchase is necessary. Good luck, Gigglers!

Here are just a few of our favorite #TBT costume ideas by decade to help get the ideas flowing.

’20s: Silent Movie Star

Channel old school Hollywood this Halloween by dressing up as your favorite silent movie star. From Greta Garbo to Charlie Chaplin to Buster Keaton, you can’t go wrong — and raiding a vintage store is the perfect place to start for your costume. Oversized menswear combined with laughably big shoes and a bowler hat would make a perfect Chaplin; and if you want to go for Keaton, just swap out the bowler for a porkpie.

’40s: Rosie the Riveter

Get your girl power on by channeling one of the most empowering female icons of all time. All you need is a denim jumpsuit, a red polka dot bandana, some black work boots, and your best Rosie the Riveter pose — and you’re ready to go. Feel free to carry around a lunchbox in place of a purse, as well. After all, a working girl has to eat.

’50s: Sock Hop Queen

Whether you’re into poodle skirts and cat-eye glasses, or leather jackets and cuffed white t-shirts, the ’50s had some of the most covetable fashion trends of all time. Pair saddle shoes or a clean pair of Converse with your favorite vintage ’50s finds for a super easy and amazing costume. And don’t forget: Whether you’re a Greaser or a Pink Lady, attitude is always the perfect finishing touch.

’60s: Hitchcock Heroine

Alfred Hitchcock’s film career was nothing short of epic; and it’s obvious a Hitchcock costume would be appropriate for multiple decades. But two of his most notable films — Psycho and The Birds — came out in the 1960’s, and both make for some incredible costume inspiration. If you’re looking to do an unexpected couples costume, go as Marion Crane wrapped in a shower curtain and Norman Bates dressed as “mother” for Psycho. If you’re going solo, dress up in a flawless vintage dress with matching jacket and glue some fake crows on you for The Birds.

’80s: Aerobics Instructor

Few costumes are as fun and easy to put together as the classic ’80s aerobics instructor: All you need to do to achieve the look is tease your hair to the high heavens and invest in some neon spandex. It’s all about the accessories, too; so feel free to layer on the sweatbands, legwarmers, and scrunchies. Be prepared to stay upbeat all night and show off your funniest moves — this costume totally counts as your daily workout.

’90s: Grunge Girl

Bust out your favorite flannels and rip up some old band t-shirts: We’re bringing the ’90s back this Halloween. Putting together a grunge costume is super easy with the help of secondhand, and the perfect pair of baggy jeans is a must. We won’t judge you if you skip washing your hair for a couple days; and the more battered your Doc Martens, the better. If you’re super dedicated, feel free to bring along a guitar or an old school notebook filled with your favorite Nirvana lyrics.