Taylor Swift’s sweatshirt is making people think she’s pregnant

With all the recent celebrity pregnancies and baby rumors — looking at you Kardashian-Jenner clan — some people have taken on a “who’s next” mentality toward celebrity baby news. And now, some fans seem to think that Taylor Swift is pregnant after she was photographed in a misshapen sweatshirt.

The picture in question was snapped during a listening party where super-fans were able to visit Swift’s home and listen to her upcoming album Reputation. In the photo, the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer poses with a fan while wearing an oversized black sweater.

The sweatshirt’s natural lumps and bumps sparked pregnancy theories among Twitter users.


One Swifty listed out the evidence that supposedly proves Swift has been keeping a secret from us for quite some time.

And this fan pointed out the fact that Swift has been wearing a lot of black lately. Maybe she’s trying to mask a certain something?


This isn’t the first time Swift pregnancy rumors have swept the web. During her relationships with both Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris, fans and tabloids rustled up baby suspicion that obviously didn’t amount to any truth.

And tbh, the new suspicions also don’t hold much water.

Another fan posted a photo of Swift from the same listening party, and clearly there is no visible baby bump.

You almost had us, conspiracy theorists. But you’ll have to save your Swift pregnancy theories for another day.

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