If Taylor Swift’s new song “Look What You Made Me Do” sounds familiar, here’s why

The internet collectively freaked out when Taylor Swift dropped her first single in three years. It collectively freaked out again when it realized Swift sampled an iconic ’90s hit in the chorus. Just to catch you up: Swift released “Look What You Made Me Do” Thursday after several days of intriguing promotion for her next album, Reputation. Some of the promo involved deleting the contents of her social media accounts, leaving only the unsettling image of a snake about to strike.

The single — part diss-track and part revenge threat — features a heavy electronic beat during the chorus while Swift chants the title phrase, “look what we made me do.” If you suddenly feel gripped with Déjà Vu as you listen, you’re not alone — it only took fans a few hours to find the song’s striking similarities to Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy.” 

Youtube personality Chase Holfelder tweeted out a video with the songs layered on top of one another, and the beat-for-beat similarity is undeniable.

This was no happy accident; fans were quick to point out that Right Said Fred’s band members — Richard Fairbess, Fred Fairbess, and Rob Manzoli — have writing credits on the track. Beyond that, “I’m Too Sexy” has a sampling credit on the single.


Looks like Right Said Fred is pretty happy about Swift’s latest release: The band posted on Twitter to thank Swift for reinventing the song.

Let this be further proof that the ’90s are alive and well in 2017.