Taylor Swift’s *second* “Delicate” video is a minimalist dream

Well, she’s done it again. Taylor Swift proved she’s here to keep us on our toes by releasing a second music video for “Delicate” last night (or technically, the very early hours of Friday, March 30th). After an initial Spotify snafu that left many fans up in arms when they couldn’t find the vid, the new footage finally appeared on the streaming site. And it was worth it.

After months of highly produced music videos for songs from her Reputation album (we’re looking at you “Look What You Made Me Do,” “Ready For It,” and “End Game”), Swift dialed things way down with a simple one-shot video of her in the woods in a T-shirt and jacket lip-syncing the lyrics. It’s the kind of thing she easily could have shot in a few hours on a minimal budget. And while we LOVE the more elaborate content she’s been putting out lately (because, um, robots and snakes, people), it was definitely refreshing to get something simple and intimate.

Taylor, you can do it all, and we’re sorry if we ever doubted you…like last night when we couldn’t find the video and were convinced you had cruelly pranked us.

Check out the new Taylor Swift “Delicate” video by simply typing in “Taylor Swift Delicate video” into the Spotify search box.

And in the meantime, enjoy the OG “Delicate” video, because let’s be honest, it’s pretty great.


Happy Friday, everyone.

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