Taylor Swift’s new album literally crashed iTunes

Since iTunes has been around since 2003, you’d imagine it’d be able to handle a lot of traffic. Well, apparently that’s not the case. Taylor Swift’s album Reputation crashed iTunes last night after being released shortly before midnight, as too many people jumped at the chance to download it.

Swift’s album already broke a few records. Reportedly 800,000 fans tried to download Reputation in the first six minutes it was released, slowing down the app store and making it difficult for some to listen to her new songs. Zachary Jaydon, the Founder and CEO of PopWrapped, tweeted last night that “Apple is currently trying to push out Taylor Swift’s #Reputation album to more than 800,000 people on iTunes, I have confirmed, causing their servers to badly lag. It’s highly-anticipated to be the fastest-selling album, ever. First-week sales are expected to reach 2-MILLION,” later confirming that these were sales in the US only.

While a few fans tweeted out images of iTunes failing them, other fans commented back that it took about 40 minutes for them to finally hear the songs, but according to the overall positive response that Reputation has gotten thus far, we have a feeling that it was worth the wait — and the frustration.


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In a way, this should come as no surprise. Reputation marks the sixth studio album for Taylor Swift, who has only gotten more and more popular throughout the years.

Her album before this, 1989, was released in 2014 and had its own share of problems with iTunes.


The good news? Any sort of lag will soon be resolved, as iTunes likely wants as many people as possible to enjoy Reputation. We’re sure that more record-breaking stats are ahead.

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