It’s official: Taylor Swift’s fifth 1989 single is…

Last night, around 11 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, angel of pop music and freshly-baked cookies, Taylor Swift, dropped some major news. She is going to release a fifth single from her most recent album, 1989. This work of art has already blessed us with such masterpieces as “Shake It Off,” “Style,” and “Blank Space.” Don’t even get me started on how amazing “Bad Blood” was – not only is the song incredibly catchy, but it pretty much redefined the term girl squad.

So what can we expect next?

“Just wanted to let you know,” Taylor tweeted, “that the next single from 1989 will be ……….. Wildest Dreams.”

And then Taylor basically *dropped mic* and left us hanging with no details about when, where, who, what is going to happen next. When will the single debut? What is the concept for the next music video? For the love of cats, can any of us audition to be in the next music video?

Here’s what we already know about the song: It features the sound of Taylor’s heartbeat (way cool), and she wrote the track with producers Max Martin and Shellback. Also, the subject matter is very much T-Swift 2.0. When she described “Wildest Dreams” during an interview on NPR, she said it was about looking back on a relationship and realizing that the reasons it ended were equal between both parties involved.

It’s true! Taylor’s lyrics keep getting better and better, and more and more people can relate to her music. Her maturity is definitely being reflected in her writing. Now, it’s much less “Romeo and Juliet, eternal love, forever,” and more “I’m really glad I know you, let’s see where this goes.” Of course, Tay’s older songs will always have a special place in our hearts, but I seriously cannot wait for her next single.

Basically, all my wildest dreams are coming true.

(Images via Big Machine and here.)

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