Did Taylor Swift’s BFF just make Hiddleswift Instagram official?

Ever since we saw Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston ~canoodle~ on the beach a few weeks ago, we couldn’t help but wonder what their relationship status was — well, if it WAS anything — and if they would properly announce it to the world, aka, make it social media official.

All day, we’ve been having FOJFOMO (Fourth of July FOMO) while lurking the Instagrams of Taylor Swift and Co. How could any of our three-day weekends compare to all the hijinks Taylor, Ruby Rose, Karlie Kloss, and the rest of the squad have gotten into these past few days? Under our close watch, something very important happened.

We don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but this photo, posted by Taylor’s childhood BFF, Brit Maack, might be Taylor and Tom’s official comment on their romance. It looks preeettty tender. And who else is in it aside from Brit and her husband? BLAKE LIVELY AND RYAN REYNOLDS. Is this the cutest couple photo in the world or what?!

So there we have it — legit Instagram proof of amor de Hiddleswift. Who would have predicted that when they had their first mating dance at the Met Gala it would lead to this very moment? Then again, who knows. They could still just be pals who love to hug.

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