Here’s why Taylor Swift spent a whole day hiking backwards

Taylor Swift was recently spotted hiking backwards. Though at first it seemed like she was starting a new fitness trend that would make walking forward a thing of the past, T-Swift was actually making a stand against the paparazzi that follow (read: stalk) her wherever she goes. By walking backwards, she can almost guarantee that the incessant photographers won’t get a clear photo of her face. No good photo, no fat pay check. It’s genius!

When the photo of Taylor’s odd hike started circulating the Internet, the pop star explained on her (amazing) Tumblr that she just “wasn’t in the mood,” to have her photo taken. As someone who gets red in the face and sweaty just walking to the refrigerator, I think it’s totally reasonable that Taylor wanted privacy while she hiked. Also, in response to a fan that asked if she was walking backwards because she was drunk, Taylor posted a GIF from Bridesmaids, solidifying her spot as Queen of Tumblr.

Taylor isn’t alone in wanting some alone time from the public eye. Last week, Ian Somerhalder had to literally beg a group of fans to leave him and his new wife, Nikki Reed, alone for some downtime. Maybe more celebrities should give Tay’s “give ‘em the go-round” approach (even though they shouldn’t have to in the first place). She escaped her own garage in March by walking backwards and having one of her bodyguards guide her. Judging from the video, Taylor maintained Sia-status the whole time, and the paparazzi missed their shot.

Oh, Taylor, you are so smart, both in your ways of avoiding over-zealous photographers and your GIF-sharing on Tumblr. Never change, girl, never change.

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