Taylor Swift posted a picture of her famously unamused cat and we cannot stop laughing

Taylor Swift’s love of cats is well documented. All of her fans can completely attest to this. She is essentially the patron saint of cat ladies everywhere.


Besides other people’s cats, Taylor’s love for her perpetually grumpy cat Meredith is also well known. Meredith is adorable, but has a well documented bad attitude.

This is Meredith Swift. She doesn’t like photos very much.

Here is Meredith complaining to Taylor:


We know, Meredith. We know.

As if we needed more proof of Meredith’s signature grumpiness, her favorite hobby (according to Elle Magazine and several fans) is glaring at New Yorkers as they walk past her mom’s apartment.

That’s why we’re so obsessed with this latest photo of Meredith sitting slumped over like she’s had a long, terrible day.


Taylor captioned this post, “U ok bro?” which totally sums up the hilarious natural despondence of her crazy cat.

It is so funny to see how cranky and put upon Taylor’s cat acts like the time, especially when you take into consideration that she’s a cat! And she’s not even a normal cat, she’s Taylor Swift’s insanely pampered and doted-upon cat! Her life cannot be as hard as her face makes it look.

But it’s okay. Meredith is perfect just the way she is, and we would never want her to change. Lucky for us, Taylor frequently updates her social media with Meredith gems, so we can look forward to lots of more hilarious grumpiness and ennui in the future!

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