Taylor Swift just shut down this Tumblr bully in the best way possible

We already know that Taylor Swift goes above and beyond for her fans. Over the past year, the pop star not only planned and executed an incredible 1989 tour, which has been full of epic surprises, but she’s reached out to Swifties one-on-one, throwing a backstage wedding reception for a die-hard fan couple, making a baby announcement for another. At Christmas, she sent fans presents, and when she heard one of her younger fans was ill, she sent a donation to her family. Basically, Taylor’s resume should come with a cape – she’s practically Super Girl.

And her super powers translate to the Internet, too. In fact, Super Swift recently stepped into the ring for a fan who was being bullied by an Anonymous commenter. Here’s how the whole thing went down. First, India Rose, a Swiftie from across the pond, found this hurtful message in her inbox:

Whoa. There are three layers of insult in this attack: one (incorrectly) accusing Taylor of being a fraud, one about India Rose’s appearance (rude), and – oh – that grammar mistake (inexcusable).

India Rose kicked butt defending herself even though she seemed understandably shaken, saying that even though she might not have physical proof that Taylor loves her, she has faith that she matters. She ended her reply by pointing out the “your”/”you’re” mix-up, hopefully teaching that anon a lesson (at least in grammar).

I like to imagine that Taylor Swift, fresh off the runway of her latest concert, was casually petting her cat and perusing her Tumblr when she saw this interaction. And, in my head, her reaction looked something like this:

Super Swift to the rescue! Tay responded to the post in the best way possible, shutting down the h8er and making it very obvious that she is indeed part of India Rose’s life.

UM, words to live by.

India Rose spoke for all of us when she posted, “This made everything in the world right again. Thank you, Taylor.” She’s fabulous, she’s generous, she’s grammatically correct — is there anything Super Girl Taylor Swift can’t do? As long as she’s around, Tumblr will be a better place.

Check out the full conversation below.

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