Taylor Swift just achieved this *major* title, and honestly, we shouldn’t be surprised

Okay, we knew that this singer was total badass and everything, but we weren’t prepared for this insanely amazing news to drop in Forbes today!

Us Weekly let us know that Taylor Swift tops ‘Forbes’ highest earning celebrity under 30 list, and it’s a MAJOR cause for every mega-fan to lose their minds.

Swift recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of her first single, so to be recognized after such a milestone is truly incredible. From her new music (and old!) to her giving heart (remember when she donated $50,000 to a fan in need?), this girl always impresses us with every move she makes.

Not that everything is about money, but if you’re wondering exactly how much money Swift made to get on this list — she clocked in $170 million. In ONE year. As in, more than One Direction, Justin Bieber, Drake, Rihanna, Adele and Jennifer Lawrence.

Feeling kinda… speechless? That’s okay! All you need to know is that Swift’s 1989 world tour and various endorsement deals made this possible for her. Not bad for a 26-year-old! Our emotions can pretty much be summed up like this.

Sending the biggest CONGRATS to Taylor.


Keep sharing your heart and talent with the world, girl! BRB… going to listen to 1989 on repeat.

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