Taylor Swift swears in one “Reputation” song, and Twitter has completely lost its cool

Taylor Swift’s latest studio album, Reputation, is finally here and, as you can imagine, Taylor Nation has gone into full-blown freakout mode — with good reason. As Swift has teased over the last few weeks, the “old Taylor” is dead, and this is the new Taylor. Oh, and this Taylor swears in her songs now.

Buckle up, kids, because this isn’t just a new Taylor, this is a new era of Taylor.

Track #3 of Reputation is called “I Did Something Bad,” and, well, Taylor talks about — what else? — doing bad things, but it’s not like they’re really that bad. It’s more, Swift musing about how she has, once again, been painted in the media as a villain, and how she’s been targeted by other celebrities in the past for doing ~bad things~. That Kimye phone call comes to mind, you follow? Great, because meaning behind the song aside, the track is actually pretty ?. You might even say this song is “the shit,” because that’s exactly the swear word Swift uses in it.

It’s not like swearing is uncommon in music, let alone in our everyday life. But this is the first time Swift has ever sworn in a song:

For every lie I tell them / they tell me three
This is how the world works / now all he thinks about is me
I can feel the flames on my skin / crimson red pain on my lips
If a man talks shit then I owe him nothing / I don’t regret it one bit because he had it coming ?

For starters, same, Taylor. Same. And meanwhile, Twitter is absolutely beside themselves with this:





Also, just the song in general: false



Reputation is out right now.