Stop everything you’re doing, the ultra-dreamy Taylor Swift ‘Style’ video is here

Taylor Swift has been giving us tiny teases all week for her newest video, “Style.” Now, that waiting and anticipation is finally over, and we’ve got another perfect Taylor video off of her powerhouse of an album, 1989. It’s also super fitting that the video drops on the 13th, because 13 is Taylor’s favorite number, (for those not well versed in Tay trivia). Anyhoo, while she doesn’t smash anyone’s car with a golf club in this one, it’s still absolutely fantastic — and oh-so-dreamy.

“Style” plays out like the most perfect falling in love/falling out of love story, complete with a beach, hazy love looks, a gorg shirtless gentleman and a wardrobe we all need ASAP. Also, Taylor’s got that red lip classic thing that we like, and her guy’s got that James Dean daydream look in his eyes. Sighs for days. We couldn’t have asked for more (except, maybe smashing another car, because that was great, Taylor).

There are also a bunch of broken mirrors — and to that I say, Taylor, it is Friday the 13th!! But she doesn’t seem to mind, because it’s all one giant metaphor for a broken relationship that you just can’t quit — complete with lightning strikes and images superimposed upon images and images that fade in and out. We’re in love.

Taylor Swift’s “Style” video, will you be my Valentine?

Check out the brand new video, and let’s not be ashamed as to how many times we watch it on loop. No shame in our Taylor Swift game. Not ever.

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