Taylor Swift’s “Style” played on a harp will calm you all over

Do you ever listen to Taylor Swift right before bed, but then get so overexcited by the pop sounding, heart-pounding Taylor-ness of it all that you can’t sleep? Well, fear not. Now you can relax and enjoy the straight-to-your-soul lyrics of T-Swift without the rush of adrenaline, because we found the most comforting cover of “Style” ever.

The performance is by a duo named Emilie & Ogden. Emilie is a singer-songwriter with a hypnotic voice and Ogden is a harp. They clearly have a beautiful relationship because this rendition brings out so many gorgeous nuances of “Style:” It still has the power of Taylor combined with the feeling of angels caressing your face. Seriously, it’s lovely.

According to their YouTube channel, this is Emilie & Ogden’s first cover. They do have an album of original songs coming out in October, which you probably shouldn’t listen to while driving or performing brain surgery, because their sound is so soothing it might have you snoozing.

If napping to Taylor Swift’s poetry set to harp isn’t your thing, Postmodern Jukebox – the folks over at YouTube responsible for videos like Vintage Doo Wop “We Can’t Stop” – have not one but two incredible recent 1989 covers. First, they took “Style” and transformed it into a 1950’s Grease-style number. It’s incredible how different it sounds from Emilie & Ogden’s version – thank goodness the Internet is so packed full of talented people!

Yesterday, they released a powerhouse jazz cover of “Bad Blood.” Ooo-wee! Aubrey Logan, who sings lead vocals, channels Ella Fitzgerald like nobody’s business. That girl has got some crazy lung capacity.

Check out the video below!

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