Taylor Swift just sang one of our fave 90s ballads with the song’s originator

Taylor Swift was born in 1989, as we all know from, you know, the title of her latest album, so she was just 9 years old when the asteroid-on-a-collision-course-with-Earth disaster drama Armageddon hit theaters. For a movie that’s all about, you know, the terrors of outer space, it’s a little weird that the most memorable moment of the film is Ben Affleck walking animal crackers sexily up and down Liv Tyler’s body as Steven Tyler (AKA Liv’s dad)’s “I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing” plays in the background. Of course, this swoony ballad became one of THE slow dance song of the late 90s. And this is the late 90s we’re talking about people, there were LOTS of romance-y ballads floating around the radio waves back in that day.

So Taylor Swift, in a possible nod to her middle-school semi-formal days, recently had Steve Tyler up onstage for the Nashville stop of her 1989 tour to duet his magical ballad.

Swift kindly tweeted us some footage:

Yes, those are spraying gold fireworks in the background, because apparently Liv Tyler, Ben Affleck, and animal cookies weren’t available? No matter, the light show was a totally serviceable substitute. Other highlights of the night? Tay and Leona Lewis sang “Bleeding Love” together:

And Taylor and Mick Jagger did a duet of “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.”

Be still, our #TBT hearts.


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