All the Lover clues we spotted in Taylor Swift’s new collection with Stella McCartney

Man, oh man, does Taylor Swift like her Easter eggs or what? Swift just dropped the lookbook for her collaboration line with designer Stella McCartney, and it’s loaded with clues pertaining to her upcoming album Lover, which is set to drop August 23rd. There are pastels, airbrushed lettering, graphic tees, cats, tie-dye—it’s an incredible and sustainable collection. And duh, it’s obviously jam-packed with secret messages for the fans.

"#StellaxTaylorSwift is coming soon," Swift captioned an August 20th Instagram post. "It’s been SO much fun to work/dream up cute stuff with my friend @stellamccartney to create a line inspired by my new album Lover. Can’t wait to show you what we've been working on and tell you more about the pop up shop at the @YouTube Live event this Thursday at 5p ET!"

Having zipped over to Swift’s website immediately after seeing this announcement, fans peeped several pieces that are obviously previews of what’s to come on the album. Because Swift and McCartney put the “Lover” lyrics, “there’s a dazzling haze,” on this tee, it just makes sense that words on other tees are also lyrics from the new album.

Two T-shirts, in particular, seem to feature lyrics to songs that have not yet been dropped: “Like a Tennessee Stella McCartney” and “Summer’s a knife.”

We see you, Taylor. Don’t think you’re being sneaky.

For obvious reasons, fans believe “summer’s a knife” must be a line from the song “Cruel Summer.”

And “Like a Tennessee Stella McCartney” could honestly be a line from any of the upcoming tracks. (Or it could even just be a catchphrase for the collection.)

But, like…they’re obviously something. false

So…um…we’re about to go broke.


The Stella x Taylor Swift collection will go live on August 22nd after the duo make a live announcement on YouTube. And fans in New York City can also stop by “The Lover Experience” pop-up shop, open from August 23rd to the 25th, in which two exclusive collection items will be also available for sale. These items—a bomber jacket and a handbag—will also be available for purchase on Stella McCartney’s website and in the designer’s London stores.

Sorry not sorry, wallet.

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