Taylor Swift’s squad probably planned to coordinate their outfits last night

Taylor Swift’s squad is pretty legendary. Every time we see pictures of them together, we basically die from envy over and over again. That’s because Swift’s got a knack for collecting Hollywood’s best and brightest ladies, and since we’re big fans of the idea that empowered women empower other women, we love to think of this girl gang supporting each other in their artistic endeavors. That’s basically the dream, right? You and all of your best gal pals killing it in your respective careers and also hanging out and soaking up each other’s awesomeness all the time?

The other night, though, they clearly inspired one another not just personally, but sartorially… in that they were all wearing super slick, coordinated outfits.


Yeah, we’re pretty sure they did, no sarcasm intended (thanks but no thanks, Janice). Seriously. LOOK at them.


They look like the most stylish crew of cat burglars we’ve ever seen.


Do they have a squad stylist? Like, how does this much awesome happen? Also, shout out to Taylor Swift’s shoes. Please make your way into our closets ASAP.


Ummm…. also shout out to Taylor Swift’s amazing jacket? This outfit is so simple but her accessories have such great, eye-catching details that make it really pop, like the lace-up booties, shiny jacket, and cut outs on the sleeves of her little black dress.


So, like, our total jealousy over Taylor Swift’s perfect squad and perfect style is still very much alive. We’re still searching for an invite to her next party, and now we’re also searching for the phone number to whomever is helping them coordinate these totally on-point and perfectly matching best friend outfits to get us ready for it.

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