Taylor Swift rocked a snake mic on “SNL” last night, and it was just as extra and amazing as you could dream

As you probably know, Reputation dropped this Friday and everyone ran out to grab a copy. And, ICYMI, Taylor Swift hosted Saturday Night Live last night to promote it. While she was there, she performed her second single, “…Ready For It?” and an acoustic cover of her track “Call It What You Want.” If you were paying attention, we bet you noticed a pretty jaw-dropping detail in one of the performances. We’ll give you a hint — she really scaled things up on stage. The second we saw it, we were slithering in anticipation. Figured it out yet? It was a snake mic — and it was iconic.

On stage, Swift made us swoon over her ahhh-mazing serpentine microphone that goes along with the album’s whole snake motif. A few months back, Swift teased her snake theme when she tried to reclaim the snake emoji and posted a LOT of snake videos on Instagram. Back in August, the singer also started selling serpent jewelry and attire — two different snake rings, as well as a hoodie — to celebrate the release of her single, “Look What You Made Me Do.”

But, SNL or not, she’s always impressing us both on stage and off. You may remember the listening party Tay Tay threw for 100 hand-picked fans back in October, where they all got to come to her London home. Um… best singer ever?!

For those of us who missed Swift’s at-home listening party, at least we to see her perform on SNL last night. You can watch her sing “…Ready for It?” here.


Here’s a close-up of Taylor Swift and the snake mic again.

Not only did we love that performance and song, the Twitterverse did, too.

Okay, we don’t know about you, but we can’t stop listening to Reputation, so excuse us while we go sing along.

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