Taylor Swift sent out snake-themed holiday cards, and nothing is surprising anymore

If there’s one thing we’ve come to know about Taylor Swift, it’s that she may be the most meticulous artist in pop music. Since her early days as a guitar-strumming country princess, the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer has been precise when it comes to her albums — with every word, image, and tiny detail serving a particular purpose. And now, that seems to be the pattern with her holiday cards, complete with a festive snake.

While old Taylor may be dead — it seems some habits die hard, because her branding is more pointed than ever.

With 2017’s Reputation, Swift entered a new era in her music, no longer “shaking off” the haters. Now, she’s clapping back, and everything from her songs, her new look, and her videos reflect this. During her 2016 feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West over Kanye’s song “Famous,” supporters of the Wests bombarded the “Blank Space” singer’s social media channels with snake emojis — directly calling out the singer as a snake. Since then, one of the major symbols of Reputation-era Taylor has been her continual use of snakes.

The singer’s impeccable branding strategy makes it no surprise that she continued the use of snakes for her 2017 holiday cards. In a boomerang on his Instagram story, Shawn Mendes’ manager Andrew Gertler posted his snake-filled holiday card from the singer, and honestly, it’s so Taylor to stay on-brand during the holiday season.

Featuring a holiday-themed snake slithering across the front of the card, with “Happy Holidayssss!” greeting, the card goes full Swift with the message, “May your reputation shine bright this holiday season!”

Well played, Taylor. Well, played.

While her holiday snakes are not quite Reputation-level ominous, it’s probably for the best. But now, we’re curious to see what her Valentine’s Day cards look like. Two snakes in love? A snake making a heart sign? We seriously hope Tay keeps up with her Reputation holiday cards because we really need to see this.