Taylor Swift steps out in one of her old-school go-to looks and we love it

It’s no secret that just about everyoneloves Taylor Swift. But one thing we don’t talk about NEARLY enough is her love for skater skirts, because it’s (a) kind of the perfect piece of clothing and (b) the most #stylegoals of all style goals. Recently, Taylor Swift stepped out in one of her signature “crop top and/or sweater paired with the cutest skater skirt we’ve ever seen” looks in some peeeerfect fall colors, and we’re super into it. She’s also rocking more of a berry lip than her usual true red, and it pulls the whole thing together SO well.


This is the berry best fall look we’ve ever seen. #sorrynotsorryforthepun


Even her shoes are seasonally on point and also SO adorable. We’re sure that we’d have to mortgage the house we don’t own in order to recreate this outfit… but we still sorta want to know where she got everything.

Of course, this certainly isn’t the first (nor hopefully the last!) amazing skater skirt ensemble we’ve seen TSwift in. It’s kind of her thing.


And she does it so well.


We especially love when she pairs matching pieces. So chic and she pulls it off like a pro!


Of course, our favorite thing might be when she accessorizes her skater skirt with her cat.


Yeah, that’s definitely our favorite. We’re totally into Taylor Swift’s skater skirt obsession, and can’t waaaaait to see what she does with it in the future.

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