Taylor Swift’s t-shirt dress is basically a puzzle. Can you solve it?

Taylor Swift has worn some pretty iconic t-shirts. We first saw her in the “No It’s Becky” shirt, demonstrating her complete awareness of her tumblr presence (and also making every single one of us feel a little bit cooler for being in on the joke too). Then, Taylor caused a stir by wearing the Calvin Harris’ (her boyfriend) t-shirt. Now she’s got people talking about, well, just repping her own name on her shirt.

Okay technically, it’s a dress, but it looks like a t-shirt (which is probably the point). The dress appears to be a mock t-shirt/skirt combo, with what at first glance appears to be random lettering covering the top. Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that the letters make up her own name: T-A-Y-L-O-R-S-W-I-F-T.

On the bottom, the skirt creates the look of a flannel tied around her waist. She paired the look with cutout booties, and a fab Elizabeth and James Bag. Of course, topping the look was her signature red lipstick and blonde bob.

Essentially, we’re loving this look —and we love that T-Swift designed it herself. The musician recently worked with Heritage66, according to People,  to create her upcoming collection. And it is chalk full of Swifty merch. The line ranges from shirts referencing her lyrics in “Shake it Off,” to crop-top and legging pairings, much like the star herself wears. With a line like this, there’s got to be a catch, right?

It’s only available in China. However, to get my hands on this crop top, I might just have to fly over.

(Image via Twitter)