Taylor Swift just released a cover of “September” — and also maybe slyly revealed her anniversary date with Joe Alwyn

In case you didn’t know this already, Ms. Taylor Swift works in mysterious ways. It might be too much to say she’s calculating everything but…yeah, she’s totally calculating everything, and what might seem like a simply love song actually cuts so much deeper — and that’s not even taking into account any music video for her songs, which are always full of references to her life, her love life and (sometimes!) her haters.

So when it comes to Taylor, nothing is ever a mistake or a coincidence. She is planning everything out, and this is all to say that she’s just dropped a brand new track that might actually hint at her anniversary with current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. While Taylor has kept this relationship VERY private, it’s not a stretch to say that her latest album, reputation, is all about falling in love (and maintaining her relationship) with Joe. We don’t know too much about how this relationship started, but we might now have their anniversary date: September 28th.

On April 13th — quick side note, Taylor loves the number 13, so this date is PROBABLY not a coincidence — she dropped a two single on Spotify. One, a brand new version of “Delicate,” because I guess we can never have too many versions of “Delicate.” The second is a cover of Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September.”

Taylor hasn’t honestly hasn’t done too many covers in her day, let alone release them as singles on Spotify. And while the song has been slowed waaay down for her to almost do it as an acoustic version, the reason why is probably hidden in the very first verse: In the OG song, the group sings, “Do you remember / the 21st of September.”

Well, in Taylor’s version, she sings “Do you remember / the 28th of September.

HMM, why change a date like this? Taylor Twitter (it’s a thing) is convinced that yes, this must be her anniversary with Joe.




So maybe her anniversary is September 28th, maybe it’s not, maybe she just really likes the date. Guess we’ll all have to wait and see if her next cover is “Wake Me Up When September Ends.” Only half kidding about that.

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