We need this Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez song rumor to be true

We are literally days — no, hours — away from the release of Taylor Swift’s new album, Reputation. The singles she’s dropped so far are ~fire~ and we’re chomping at the bit to hear more. Currently, there’s even more chomping than before because we just got wind that a Taylor Swift/Selena Gomez collab may be lurking within the album tracks.

Needless to say, we’re stress-sweating just thinking about the possibility!

Let’s back up and explain why we’re going gaga for Taylena. BuzzFeed came across a whirlwind of Twitter activity revolving around Scott Borchetta, President and CEO of Swift’s record label, Big Machine Label Group. He’s a pretty unassuming-looking guy, and probably the last person anyone would expect to start rumors or drama. Yet, Borchetta kind of dropped a huge bomb on Swifties. Over the weekend, Borchetta tweeted Target’s promotional video for Reputation.

“This is so good…” he wrote. We all nodded our heads in agreement and almost kept scrolling down our feed.

But something caught the corner of our eye. Selena Gomez was tagged alongside Swift and Big Machine in Borchetta’s tweet. Mr. Borchetta, can you explain please?

Why in the world would Gomez be tagged in a tweet about Swift’s album if she did not have anything to do with it? It just doesn’t add up!

And of course, Swifties were all over Borchetta like nobody’s business.

One Twitter user prophesied a Lorde collaboration if Swift brought Gomez on the album. false

Or perhaps we’ll hear an Ed Sheeran cameo? Either of those possibilities would be completely earth-shattering.

What’s more is that Gomez supposedly already listened to the entire album during a “personal meet-up” with Swift. Yes, it could have been just one friend asking another for her opinion of her work. But we think Gomez got an insider’s listen because SHE’S ON THE ALBUM.

Okay, Reputation has to get here NOW. Do you hear us, Swift? We can’t take the suspense for much longer!

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