Taylor Swift’s second “Delicate” video is literally LOST on Spotify, and Twitter is losing its sh*t

There are plenty of reasons why we love Taylor Swift — but one of the big ones is because she’s always surprising us. Whether it’s showing up at Target to buy copies of her album on debut day, or shocking us with a brand new aesthetic (we’re looking at you, Reputation) — we’re here for it. Well…except for maybe RIGHT NOW.

On March 29th, Swift revealed via Instagram that she’s was getting ready for her Reputation Stadium tour, which will start up this May and wrap in November. She also revealed that she’d be releasing a new video for her song “Delicate” — which is surprising considering she already released a “Delicate” video earlier this month. We watched as she rocked out around Los Angeles, seemingly invisible to those around her. And now a second one? Sign us up.

Except, wait, no one can find the second “Delicate” video.

We don’t know if this is some early April Fools’ prank (NOT COOL), or if Spotify’s engineers fell asleep behind their computer screens at 11:59 ET, or if Mercury Retrograde is just super, super real. But the second “Delicate” video is nowhere. to. be. found. (In case you need a refresher, here’s what the first “Delicate” video was all about.)

And Twitter is losing its damn mind, obviously.




Literally the internet is in flames over this.



This WOULD HAVE BEEN Swift’s first Spotify video debut, following that awkward moment when she pulled her album 1989 and her entire catalogue of music from the streaming platform in 2014. (In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, she cited that “valuable things should be paid for.”) The singer returned to the platform in 2017 and the rest, as they say, is history.

We guess making up is really about confusing the entire internet together, like Spotify and Taylor Swift did.

So LOL, Happy April Fools’ Day…on March 30th?

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