Taylor Swift donated $15,000 to the firefighter who saved his family

Style icon, country singer, pop idol, AND philanthropist: Taylor Swift you wow us on the reg. Swift’s latest completely awe inspiring moment? Giving $15,000, pretty quietly mind you, to a family very much in need.

In case you missed it, news broke this week that volunteer firefighter Aaron VanRiper was on duty in Texas when he got a call to respond to a car crash. It was only when he got to the scene of the accident that he discovered that his wife Amber and 7-year-old son Jonathan were involved in the crash, and in very bad shape. Jonathan was stuck inside the car, while Amber had been thrown from the vehicle. “Once I saw my son . . .  I started going into a little bit of a panic mode,” Aaron told KTRK in Texas.

The good news is that both Jonathan and Amber were rushed to the hospital, received the required treatments, and are both healing — Jonathan is home now after having leg and arm surgery, Amber remains in the hospital after undergoing pelvic surgery.

Here’s the family in happier times:

Because the family does not have health insurance friends set up a GoFundMe campaign to help support them in paying for the medical bills resulting from the crash. This is where Taylor Swift comes in.

Wednesday night, the VanRiper GoFundMe account received a $15,000 donation from one Taylor Swift and it has been verified that the donation was indeed from the Taylor Swift you’re thinking of. No note, no explanation, just generosity.

Since Swift’s contribution, donations to the account have spiked and the VanRiper’s are close to having all the funds they’ll need to cover the medical expenses.

Bottom line: Way to give back Taylor. Her donation not only went a huge way to helping the VanRipers but also encouraged more people to donate thanks to the added spotlight she brought to their cause.

We’re wishing a very speedy and safe recovery to Jonathan and Amber, and giving T. Swift the biggest of Internet high fives. Way to be.

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