5 ways Taylor Swift ruined my life

Let’s off the bat address the fact that “ruined my life” is meant in a loving – not hating – fashion. Somehow I don’t feel the need to explain this except when I write about people. See also Jennifer Lawrence and Katy Perry. Xoxo

I first watched Taylor Swift perform on SNL back in … 2009?…. and thought she was super cute. Then I learned she was born the same year as my brother and “wouldn’t it be so cute if they dated?” (This was before she became the phenomenon she is today and I thought MAYBE they could meet somehow.) Initially, I thought she was an American Idol contestant but it didn’t really matter to me (OK, I liked it better that she wasn’t, sorry) because I thought her songs were catchy and I was pretty much immediately on board.

T-Swift just released “1989” this past week and you better believe I was JAZZED when I got the email from iTunes that my pre-order was available. (Same squeal I had when I realized “Yes Please” by Amy Poehler was available.) All of this has made me look back and think about how Taylor has actually ruined my life (in a good way).

1. This Photo of Me Was Not Just a Fun Idea But A Requirement

In the wee hours of Monday evening, my husband was crafting this beautiful image you see here. Sure, I had to pose for it and write out my initials and birth year on a Polaroid but he did the real magic.

And then, everyone had them too! Made with the app on Taylor Swift’s own website or on BuzzFeed or anywhere else. But none were as magical as mine, IMHO.

This picture wasn’t just “Oh, that’ll be funny.” This picture was “OMG I NEED THIS IMMEDIATELY SO I CAN BE LIKE TAYLOR!” You know? The color is perfect, the framing is perfect and thankfully we were, at least, both born in the 80’s so the date change doesn’t feel TOO drastic.

2. She Genuinely Seems Cool and Nice and Guys, I Don’t Think It’s Fake

Her #Taylurking thing is A. genius but B. super cute and seems really genuine. I’ve never been on the side of thinking her shocked face is fake. It seems really real to me and I’m just not prepared to be that cynical, you guys!

She did a whole series of Secret Sessions for this album, which honestly looked like the best time. Just hanging out and taking adorable photos with Taylor Swift looks like the best time you could ever have in your life.

She asks her fans to interact and says she wants to meet them (us) all and it’s really endearing and though I’m 5 years older than she is I still want nothing more than a T-Swift hug. PLEASE TELL ME THAT IS NORMAL.

3. She Brings Me Back to My Teenage State of Mind (In the Best Possible Way)

I haven’t been a teenager since 2004 but man, do I get High School Teen Love feelings listening to Taylor Swift. And not just reminiscing feelings but just like I RELATE to it. “I FEEL YOU, GIRL,” I scream in my head while outwardly singing along.

But there’s something freeing about that! Just putting on music and being transported to this other time in your life which doesn’t really exist anymore but feels kind of exciting and fun and. . .swoon.

4. She Makes Me Want All the Keds Again

And all the red lipstick.  Seriously, I just want to wear red lipstick because of T-Swift all the time.

But Keds used to be a big part of my life as a kid and growing up and I kind of lost them and have gotten back due, in part, to Taylor’s line with them. Obviously.

5. “Blank Space” and “Out of the Woods” Are Suddenly Two of My Most Played Songs

Like, in all of iTunes. This might be an exaggeration but I don’t think it’s that huge of one since I listened to “Out of the Woods” on repeat on the treadmill at the gym.

Also, I think people are starting to stare. I have a well-documented love of lip-synching to music and emphatically gesturing during a run. (Well-documented in that I talk about it all the time to my friends. Duh.) And then once the full album was out I spent my entire time at the gym going from repeating “Blank Space” to repeating “Out of the Woods” again.

‘Cause, darling, I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.

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