Taylor Swift returned to social media after a long hiatus

To our dismay, Taylor Swift has been MIA on social media for quite some time now. However, yesterday, we caught wind of Swift on our Twitter feeds, and it looks like she might be coming back to grace us with her presence!

Swift posted her congratulations to HAIM and Lorde for their new releases at the beginning of May, as well as a kind message to the victims of the Manchester attack at the end of May. But we haven’t seen a personal post from the singer in many a moon.

But behold, the first light at the end of the hiatus tunnel! Oklahoma City Thunder tweeted out a video of Swift congratulating star Russell Westbrook during last night’s NBA Awards. She lives! She lives!

Swift takes credit for Westbrook’s success in the world of b-ball, having taught him everything he knows. She also thanks him for giving her the inspiration for Shake It Off after Westbrook beat her for the first time during a one-on-one game.

Wow, Westbrook is so lucky that he learned his craft from Taylor Swift, the best of the best.

Most of T. Swift’s fans were likely hoping for her return to social media to be via her own account, but we’re still happy to see her face on our Twitter feeds nonetheless.

The reason for her hiatus in the first place? She simply needed a break! Plus, according to Seventeen, both Gigi Hadid and Ed Sheeran dropped hints that Swift may be up to something in the studio. Sheeran said that she might even have a new album out by the end of the year!

If going another few months without Taylor Swift on social media means we’ll get a fresh album at the end of the year, then the wait will surely be worth it.

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