Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium concert dropped on Netflix, and Twitter has lost its damn mind

Taylor Swift dropped the Reputation Stadium Tour on Netflix in the early hours of December 31st (aka last night) for those who couldn’t score tickets to the highest-grossing tour in U.S. history. And Swift fans were ready for it (pun intended). Her name immediately began trending on Twitter as fans worldwide took to the platform to praise the concert, as well as Swift’s prowess as both a performer and a songwriter.

According to Rolling Stone, the film was shot during the final evening of Swift’s Reputation tour in Arlington, TX. It’s being praised by fans and critics alike, continuing to solidly the singer as pop music’s reigning queen. “Swift goes for stadium-rocking spectacle, without toning down any of her songs’ one-on-one emotional intimacy,” Stone’s Rob Sheffield writes.

There were those who treated the film as a singalong experience.


Those who lamented not going to the live show:



Many were in awe of Swift’s abilities:

Some simply couldn’t keep it together (“All Too Well” will do that to you):


And, finally, there were fans who were just, well, obsessed (and we get it).




Thanks for the New Year’s Eve present, Taylor!

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