Here’s when you can stream Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” — are you ready for it?

Not a drill. I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Are you sitting down for this? Because you — talking about YOU, Swifties — might want to sit down for this, that’s how EXCITING this news is: Taylor Swift’s Reputation will be available to stream so soon — like, TONIGHT soon.

A video was just posted to Taylor Swift’s Facebook and Instagram saying, Reputation will be “available tonight on all streaming services.”

Hear that? Not some, but ALL. That include Spotify. And you know what? Tonight is mere HOURS from now. (The exact time isn’t clear at this point.) It feels like we’ve been waiting forever — call us dramatic if you want, but the wait has been trying — but our patience is so close to being rewarded.

Many of you probably gobbled tracks like “End Game” up as soon as the album was released weeks back. But, some of you might have been keeping those dolla dolla bills close, opting not to buy the album — or pirate, and thank you for not doing that. And instead waited for this joyous news to strike, and strike it has.

Now, the streamers of the world can listen to Reputation!

Though the announcement was just made, fans are, of course, already freaking out — even those who already own the album. “No regrets for purchasing the full album,” user Sophia H. Liu commented, “it was toootally worth listening to it non-stop for 2 weeks straight!!!” User Sasha Wolf echoed, “YES I already bought it on iTunes but I use Spotify more.” Needless to say, they’re far from alone in that feeling.

Official countdown to the streaming debut of Taylor Swift’s Reputation begins NOW.

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