Here’s the Taylor Swift song that is *probably* about her feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Remember back in 2016, when everything was fine and nothing hurt? Taylor Swift does, and she’s singing about it now on the 13th track of Reputation, “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.” However, while you’re thinking back to 2016 with fond memories about, like, the world not being on fire and knowing you had health care and protected rights as a woman, Swift is thinking back to when she used to throw big parties — and before the *famous* Kimye feud unfolded.

Long story short: On Kanye’s track, “Famous,” he sings, “I made that bitch famous,” referring to Taylor Swift. When the track dropped, Swift claimed to be blindsided by the lyric; according to Kanye, he had her permission to include it. It was very much a he said/she said situation…and then Kim Kardashian West released audio of the phone call between Kayne and Swift, supposedly showing us the actual conversation, where yes, Swift was told about the lyric.

Everything got really messy after that, and people started using the ? emoji to the utmost extreme, and Kim, Kanye, and Swift started very publicly feuding.

Now, a year later, Swift has released her latest studio album, and if you’re wondering if she addresses this incident, well, she sure does. While we can’t confirm that song #13 — also, #13? COINCIDENCE?? — this song is very much about a friend who stabbed her in the back.

Swift, never one to really be subtle with references, sings directly about being friends with someone, who then turned on her via a phone call:

?It was so nice being friends again / There I was giving you a second chance
But then you stabbed my back while shaking my hand / And therein lies the issue 
Friends don’t try to trick you / Get you on the phone and mind-twist you
And so I took an ax to a mended fence?

Oh, but that’s not all. Swift also references that this unnamed individual (…or couple) is, “not the only friend you’ve lost lately / If only you weren’t so shady.” She continues singing:

?Here’s a toast to my real friends / They don’t care about that he said, she said
And here’s to my baby / He ain’t reading what they call me lately
And here’s to my momma / Had to listen to all this drama
And here’s to you / ’Cause forgiveness is a nice thing to do?

Then, she breaks from song and starts talking, so you KNOW IT’S GETTING REAL:

"Haha, I can’t even say it with a straight face."

While we’ll probably never have confirmation that this is — for lack of a better expression — a diss track from Ms. Taylor Swift, it sure sounds like one. Hopefully soon we and all parties involved will be able to put this ordeal behind us and can once again have nice things.

Reputation is out right now.