Taylor Swift fans think her “Reputation” choker has a secret meaning

After deleting her entire social media presence last week, Taylor Swift seems to be leaving her reputation behind and starting fresh. She announced the name of her new album via a social media post, along with cover art in which she’s wearing a choker that fans believe has a secret meaning.

The album is called Reputationnot Eclipse as many fans theorized, and it’s loaded with hidden meanings. There’s the font that is very reminiscent of Kanye West’s Life of Pablo album cover; the newspaper clippings with her name splattered all over them; the badass, stoic look she’s giving the camera/the public; a hole in her sweatshirt that has been poorly sewn back together; the images of snakes she has released for the past few days; and then there’s the choker she’s wearing.

The choker is an actual chain, and it’s the current topic of conversation among Swift’s fans.

Fans believe the choker is symbolic of Swift finally releasing her chains and telling her side of the story. It’s possible she has felt attacked over the last few years, and she’s finally releasing an explosive album that will allow her to defend her reputation.


All of the theories make complete sense, and TBH, this one does, too:

The good news is, we won’t have to wait much longer to find out — the first single off Reputation will drop TONIGHT (this image was posted yesterday).

The full album is set to be released November 10th, and obviously we are more than a little excited about it.

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