Taylor Swift weighed in on her relationship with Lorde

Did Taylor Swift and Lorde break up? We’ve been wondering about the status of their relationship ever since Lorde said that being friends with Swift is like “having a friend with an autoimmune disease,” and then Swift released a Spotify playlist of her favorite songs that didn’t include anything by Lorde.

At a recent secret listening session of Swift’s upcoming album, Reputation, Swift weighed in on her friendship with Lorde, and we finally have some clarity on the situation.

An uber-fan, who goes by ROMANO on Twitter, was lucky enough to sit in on the listening session. He tweeted out bits and pieces from the session, including one tidbit that can put the BFF breakup rumors to rest.

Swift’s support for and anger towards the media regarding Lorde and Melodrama proves that she is still tight with her fellow female powerhouse. Although the Swift squad has simmered, Lorde and Swift are hopefully still going strong behind the scenes.

Both women have also had incredibly busy years producing new music. Swift’s social media hiatus/preparation for Reputation plus Lorde’s Melodrama tour happening as we speak explains their lack of public appearances together.

Even though they seemingly went through a rocky period, we shouldn’t be concerned. Who knows? Maybe Swift is in the midst of planning yet another birthday celebration for Lorde’s big 2-1!

Fear not, fans. The squad lives on — just out of the public eye. Luckily, both Lorde and Swift know that a famous musician’s life sometimes leaves little room for one-on-one BFF time. But staying supportive from across the globe — as Swift seemed to imply these two do — will keep a friendship between two busy people strong.

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