Every Clue From Taylor Swift’s Cryptic ‘Red’ Instagram Post Decoded

Leave it to Swifties to figure it out in no time at all.

Another day, another puzzle from Taylor Swift for her re-released music. The singer dropped a social media post on August 5th with a bunch of scrambled letters that, once decoded, become the titles of the vault songs on her upcoming re-release of Red. She captioned her post, “*presses post* *cackles maniacally* Level: casually cruel in the name of being honest.” Honestly, if we didn’t love her so much, we would consider this very, very rude!

Her post, just like her last vault post, shows an actual vault—though stylized in red this time around, as to be expected—with jumbled music playing in the background. She keeps upping the ante with her puzzles, but we’re so here for it.

It should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that Swift’s clues were promptly attached by Swifties everywhere who needed to find the answers as fast as possible.

Swift posted another cryptic tweet to give fans a nudge in the right direction (to Spotify, of course). They quickly realized that the jumbled letters net out to a 13×13 word search. After plugging all the letters into a grid, fans were able to spot words that were clues to the song titles and features.

It was easy to spot “Phoebe Bridgers” among the letters, clueing us into her feature on one of the extra tracks on Red (Taylor’s Version). Other collaborators include Ed Sheeran and Chris Stapleton.

A few different iterations of what could possibly be the song names are floating around, but they’re all *very* close to the same.

Here’s what we do know about the songs. “Ronan” is a song Swift wrote back in the original Red era in 2012, inspired by a young fan with cancer whose name was Ronan. Swift only ever performed the song one time at a Stand Up to Cancer event, according to Rolling Stone, but Ronan’s mother gave Swift her blessing to include it on Red (Taylor’s Version).

The album will also include the highly anticipated “All Too Well (10-Minute Version)” that fans have been asking for for seemingly forever. Also, Sheeran will no doubt have more than one appearance on the album—he originally recorded “Everything Has Changed” for Red—as perhaps a regular track and a vault track.

And then there’s “Better Man,” which Swift wrote and gave to Little Big Town. Fans really only have heard Swift perform that one as part of the Bluebird documentary of the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. Until now! (Or, until November 19th when the album comes out.)

We’ll be anxiously awaiting all the confirmed answers from Swift herself, and if Swifties are correct, we probably won’t be waiting long. One eagle-eyed fan pointed out that Swift shared the Fearless (Taylor’s Version) vault puzzle and list the day before the actual tracklist, so fans think the Red (Taylor’s Version) tracklist will land tomorrow.

It’s a fair assessment to follow Swift’s patterns, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned about Taylor over the years, it’s that she loves to keep us on our toes! Catch us listening to Red (Taylor’s Version) from top to bottom on November 19th!

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