Taylor Swift stopped her concert to give a moving speech about Pride Month, and the video will move you to tears

Taylor Swift’s Reputation World Tour has only barely just begun, but there have already been so many epic moments. She opened the tour by quietly inviting 2,000 foster kids in Arizona to watch her perform. A few weeks later at the Rose Bowl in California, her BFF Selena Gomez joined her on stage. Swift has squashed her beef with Katy Perry, addressed the Kim and Kanye feud, and even gave some serious love to her boyfriend Joe Alwyn in front of everyone. Needless to say, it’s been quite an exciting few weeks.

Now, there’s another memorable Reputation World Tour moment to add to the list. During her show in Chicago on Saturday, June 2nd, Swift stopped her concert to give a moving speech about Pride Month, and it’s so emotional to watch.

June is Pride Month, a time to raise awareness about LGBTQ issues, as well as celebrate the impact that LGBTQ individuals have had on history. And while on stage, Taylor decided to acknowledge that celebration. Right before performing the song “Delicate,” the singer paused to deliver an inspiring speech about Pride Month. It’s absolutely worth listening to, whether you identify as LGBTQ or not. Everything she said was eloquent, important, and something many people probably need to hear.

One lucky concert-goer caught the moment on video and posted it to Twitter, where it instantly went viral.

“It’s very brave to be vulnerable about your feelings in any sense, in any situation. But it’s even more brave to be honest about your feelings and who you love and that you know that that might be met with adversity from society.

“So this month and every month I want to send out my love and respect to everybody who has been brave enough to be honest about the way they feel, to live their lives as they are, as they feel they should be, as they identify.

“And this is a month where I think we need to celebrate how far we’ve come but we also need to acknowledge how far we still have left to go.

“And I want to send my love and respect out to everybody who in their journey hasn’t yet felt comfortable enough to come out and may you do that in your own time.

“May we end up in a world where everyone can live and love equally and no one has to be afraid to be vulnerable and say how they feel.

“When it comes to feelings and when it comes to love and searching for someone to spend your whole life with… it’s all just really really delicate. You know?”

Even better? Taylor was apparently wearing a rainbow dress while she gave her speech.

Everyone in the audience was freaking out, and everyone on Twitter has been doing the same. false




We love that Taylor made everyone feel welcome and that she continues to inspire so many of her fans. And we’re so glad this important moment was caught on camera. Happy Pride Month!

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