Taylor Swift just won this unexpected “most powerful” prize

Taylor Swift is one very powerful lady. She proved that fact again last week, when she spoke up against Apple’s unfair policy to not pay artists for the first three months of their new Apple Music free trial. And yeah, Swift totally won that battle for artists everywhere. So YEAH, she uses her powers for good, and now Forbes has bestowed her with the honor of “Most Powerful.” But, she has to share the title with someone else: her new guy, Calvin Harris.

Every year Forbes compiles a list of the “most powerful celebrities,” and our girl T-Swift usually sits pretty close to the top. This year, the magazine is also rolling out a “most powerful celebrity couple” list and Swift has nabbed that title, alongside Harris. Most powerful celebrity couple? Most certainly. Even without knowing their financial earnings, it’s clear to see that. Now, actually looking at the money, Taylor and Calvin pulled in an estimated $146 million dollars combined between concerts, album sales, and endorsement deals.

Don’t forget, that money’s not just going towards purchasing a thousand more inflatable swans. At least in Swifty’s case, she used some of that money to purchase a slew of domain names in her name (so they can’t be used for inappropriate things) and gave back a ton of money to those who need it. Most powerful and with the biggest heart? That’s our girl, Taylor. Who knows what she and Harris can do next to make the world a better place.

Following behind Swift and Harris are our other favorite reigning power couple, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, who netted $110.5 million over the past year. There are actually only couples on the complete list, and the third highest earning couple this past year falls to Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert.

Don’t spend it all in one place, guys.

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