Whoa: Taylor Swift isn’t platinum blonde anymore

Taylor Swift is making a lot of changes lately, and why shouldn’t she be? She’s a 26-year-old woman, in the prime of her life AND her career, and she is just figuring things out. Something else she’s figuring out, apparently? Which hair color she likes best.

She recently dyed her hair platinum blonde, and a lot of other stars actually followed suit. In fact, we called it early, and thought that perhaps the icy blonde bob would be the official look of summer. Well, it looks like Taylor is already over it, and has decided to leave her platinum strands behind for something a little more low maintenance and a little more “her.”

She met with a fan yesterday in Nashville at the Country Music Hall of Fame, and when a picture was posted of the two in an embrace, it was revealed that she’s returned to a more subtle and natural shade of blonde.

Check it out:

Taylor’s haircut is still the same, though it’s styled a little smoother (less wavy) than when it was platinum, and she looks great. She hasn’t posted any photos on her personal accounts yet, but she’s likely just enjoying this time to herself, and just doing her own thing.

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