Taylor Swift spent NYE in Vegas because love

For the last few days, we’ve been reveling in the fabulous celebrity NYE celebrations. They rang in 2016 on beaches, on boats and at seriously amazing house parties (looking at you, Lena Dunham). Now, we’re obsessing over these pics of Taylor Swift’s New Year’s Eve.

The singer rang in 2016 in Las Vegas. Her beau Calvin Harris had a show at the OMNIA nightclub, and Taylor was there to show her support. And she celebrated like it was 1999! She danced, sang and had the time of her life. She also hung out with Orange is the New Black actress Ruby Rose. Do we smell a new #squad member?

Taylor shared this blurry pic of the Vegas festivities:

Ruby Rose posted this video of her and Taylor wearing feather tiaras:

And this one, where you can spot Tay singing along in the background.

And because she’s Taylor Swift, her evening wasn’t all play—she did a little bit of work too. While she was in Vegas, she premiered her beautiful music video for “Out of the Woods” on ABC at the height of East Coast NYE celebrations.

In fact, Taylor might have had the best holiday season of anyone. She spent some quality time with family.

She built a snowman in Colorado.

And she simultaneously rocked an adorable elf costume while making a Drake reference.

Get it, girl!

Featured image via Instagram

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