Taylor Swift’s Song “No Body, No Crime” Has Been Turned Into a Meme

Twitter thinks these culprits did something, but they "just can't prove it."

Taylor Swift teamed up with HAIM on her latest sudden-drop album Evermore with a track called “No Body, No Crime.” It’s a little country, a little pop, and now, the revenge anthem is a full-fledged Twitter meme that has us rolling.

The chorus of “No Body, No Crime” repeats, “I think he did it but I just can’t prove it,” as Swift talks about how she believes her friend’s husband murdered her (and how Swift later vows to treat said husband with the same courtesy). The Haim sisters, Este (who makes an appearance in the song), Danielle, and Alana chime in “He did it, He did it.”

Fans decided to illustrate their own interpretations of the lyrics by matching probable wrongdoers with their potential scheme, and these tweets are seriously beyond hilarious. For example, Nathan For You was absolutely was behind the Four Seasons Landscaping debacle, but…we just can’t prove it.

Toby…? He’s definitely the Scranton strangler. However…just can’t prove it.

Jean Valjean may not have physically caused the demise of Javert, but he was the force behind it. But…we just can’t prove it.

Fleabag absolutely is the culprit of the missing bronze nude. But unless we get a finger print kit…can’t prove it!

The meme has taken on a life of its own with fans pitting those seeking revenge against their enemies. And each one is better than the last.

Though the lack of evidence is heartbreaking in all of the above cases, whatever you do, don’t resort to murder like Swift sings in the song. You may know how to cover up a crime scene thanks to your house cleaning skills, and you may have gotten your boating license at age 15, but be the bigger person. Post a meme instead.

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