Taylor Swift’s songwriting alter ego name is hilarious

Apparently, Taylor Swift isn’t content to just be an incredibly successful songwriter in her own (w)right — now she’s branching out to write music for other artists, too. Nils Sjoberg, a new songwriter, is also Taylor Swift! Surprisingly, Nils Sjoberg isn’t just a generic Nordic sounding name that could belong to any person in music (somehow, they all seem to be from Scandi, don’t they?) She premiered the pseudonym when she collaborated with Calvin Harris on “This is What You Came For”, and now she’s struck gold yet again with “Better Man” for one of Swift’s own favorite bands, Little Big Town.

But like… how hilarious is it that Taylor Swift is casually writing music under a fake name? This is almost as good as the JKR-Robert Galbraith switcharoo from a few years back.

Taylor Swift’s fans are so on the ball with keeping track of her every move, we find it exceptionally funny to think that she’s been pulling one over on all of us. And also pulling one over on music critics? Like, can you imagine? Your whole job is knowing more about the music world than anybody else, and here you are, writing reviews of some songs like the expert you are… only you failed to notice that one of the most famous songwriters on planet earth penned the song you reviewed.

 Talk about a practical joke. We totally get Taylor Swift’s desire to fly under the radar and have fans react to the songs organically instead of just because they’re hers — and so did Little Big Town.

"She likes to tell a story and we didn’t want you to have any subtext there other than to hear the song and we did that.

…But like, we’re loling, seriously.

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