Taylor Swift’s new song, “Call It What You Want” is here, and it’s so damn catchy

Taylor Swift has slowly been dropping singles this year and preparing us for her new album, Reputation, which comes out November 10th. We’ve already heard “Look What You Made Me Do,” “Gorgeous,” and “…Ready For It?” Now, Swift’s new song “Call it What You Want” is here, and we can’t stop listening to it.

It’s clear from the singles already released from Reputation that this is the *new* Taylor — don’t you remember? The old one is d-e-a-d. “Look What You Made Me Do,” was the first to make this declaration, and her second single, “…Ready For It?” basically was an upbeat pop anthem…that asked if we were ready to meet this reborn T.Swift (and, in so many words, her new BF). Then there was “Gorgeous,” which was probably about Tom Hiddleston and his piercing, blue ocean eyes, and I don’t want to hear your arguments that it’s not about Tom Hiddleston — it is, sorry not sorry.

And now, we’ve got “Call It What You Want.” Early on Thursday, Swift teased that the new single would be dropping later in the day, and guess what? The time has officially come. The fourth single is here one week before we can listen to the whole Reputation album, and it makes you want to bob your head. And also write your ex a letter, because these lyrics are EMOTIONAL.

Listen up here:

And watch the lyric video here if you want to overanalyze and swoon:


Reputation drops November 10th. Get it while it’s hot.