We just found out what Taylor Swift’s next single is going to be

Exciting news TayTay fans! Taylor Swift recently took to her Twitter to announce her new single to her devoted Swifties. Every track from 1989 is perfection (she just won a Grammy for ‘Album of the Year’ for crying out loud), but her pick for the next single is one of the album’s strongest — none other than the super catchy bonus track, “New Romantics”.

Swift can do no wrong right now. Between releasing a visually stunning music video for “Out of the Woods” and perfectly responding to Kanye’s offensive lyric about her in her Grammy acceptance speech, she’s been in the headlines a lot lately for all the right reasons. And with lyrics like, ‘We are too busy dancing/ To get knocked off our feet,’ “New Romantics” is seemingly perfect for Swift’s career success right now (you know, the success she created all on her own, without the help of anyone bringing drama into her life).

“New Romantics” will be the seventh single off of 1989 to be released — preceded by “Shake It Off”, “Wildest Dreams”, “Out of the Woods”, “Style”, “Bad Blood”, and “Blank Space”. “New Romantics” should start hitting the radio waves as soon as Tuesday and will likely be her last single from the album.

Known for her creative and top notch music video, I’m already excited to see what Swift comes up with for “New Romantics”. I’m pulling for appearances by her whole fierce girl squad … and Scott Eastwood. Pretty please?

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