Taylor Swift’s “Mr. Perfectly Fine” Has a Connection to One of Her Most Beloved Songs Ever

"So *casually cruel* in the name of being honest."

Taylor Swift has been all about surprising her fans with new music over the past year, and just a few days before the release of Fearless (Taylor’s Version), she’s done it again. On Wednesday morning, Swift unexpectedly released “Mr. Perfectly Fine,” one of the unreleased songs from the vault from the album’s rerecording, and fans quickly realized it actually has a connection to one of her most beloved tunes ever.

For anyone who might need a recap, Swift is rerecording her entire pre-Lover discography, and she’s adding new songs to the albums along the way—tracks that were written and recorded during each album’s era that ultimately didn’t make it to the final cut. Along with “You All Over Me,” which was released last month, Swift has now dropped “Mr. Perfectly Fine” ahead of Fearless arriving in full on Friday.

Now that the new song is out, fans are getting the chance to listen. It’s about struggling to get over a breakup (much like a lot of Swift’s earlier songs are) and it sounds exactly like something she would have written and recorded in 2008. However, fans on Twitter have also noticed that it includes a certain phrase that we wouldn’t hear her use again in her lyrics until two albums later.

Hello, Mr. Casually Cruel, Swift sings in the chorus. Everything revolves around you.

Casually cruel. As in, “casually cruel in the name of being honest,” one of her most iconic lyrics in “All Too Well,” the Swift ballad to end all Swift ballads from her Red album. She must have known that line was too good to keep in the vault long before now! And obviously, everyone is freaking out.

*And* fans are kinda sorta assuming this song might be about former flame Joe Jonas (the timing fits), but the best part of all of it is that Jonas’s current wife, Sophie Turner, seems totally chill with the whole thing. She shared “Mr. Perfectly Fine” on her Instagram Stories today, writing, “It’s not NOT a bop.”

Sophie Turner Instagram Story

And of course Swift responded right back by sharing Turner’s Instagram Story to her own Instagram Story, noting she would always bend the knee for the Queen in the North!

Taylor Swift Instagram Story

We love supportive and civil exes and friends and new partners!

With how catchy and fun (yet heartbreaking) “Mr. Perfectly Fine” is, it seems like the other vault tracks fans have yet to hear aren’t going to let anybody down. The countdown to Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is on, and it’s going to be well worth the wait.

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